Mushroom Syndrome

Now this may well be interpreted by some as a “bashing Linden Lab” post. It is not. It IS a complaint that a few thoughtless and witless individuals at Battery Street are making those Lindens who work hard to make and maintain our virtual world look incompetent.

The communication with users that was supposed to be one of the cornerstones of Rod Humble’s incumbency as CEO seems to have eroded badly under Ebbe’s time in post, to the point that the main communication and warning source, the Grid Status Page is more often than not wrong, or misleading.

Currently the page has lost the report it had last night of the completion of the Main back-end server work that was in progress all last week and two other instances of Scheduled Server Maintenance are apparently still open.

To add to the confusion although a Main Server roll is due to happen today and my sim went down obediently just after 7.00 am PST (SLT), there is no mention at all of it on the GSP, despite Caleb Linden having posted a thread to that effect on the Server Forum.

The bottom line appears to be “assume the worst and hope for the best”. This is NOT what the Premier MMORPG should be doing to its users.

ETA at 10am PST:
I see that the Grid Status page has finally been updated to reflect both the Rolling Restarts for today (albeit nearly 2 hours after my sim rolled) and the main Maintenance that was started last week is once again marked as “resolved”. Better late than never, I guess! One tranche of Maintenance has never even been marked as being in progress, mind you.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on November 25, 2014.

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