The Party’s over

This post is a hard one to make. After six and a half years in SL I think I have come to the end of my road. It is partially due to the increasing difficulty I have in simply “being” in SL…its complications are beginning to overwhelm me…I am no youngster and partially that I simply seem to have no-one to talk with any more.
My owner allowed me a great deal of leeway in my pony role but she does not share my interest in it and I now see less and less of her. I have not made any close friends in the pony world (those who ARE on my friends list, please do not take offence, you know the truth of this as well as I do…most are either focussed (quite correctly of course) on their owner/trainer or partner or are only superficially involved in SL or Ponyplay.
It leaves me with a rather empty feeling much of the time, being fastest around a slalom or steeples or cart track has only a limited appeal, intense though it may be at times.
So it boils down to this: can I find the stamina to keep on trotting? The short answer is that as of tonight I think the answer is no.
It’s been hard at times and fun most of it but right now the fun has gone and I think shortly it will be time for me to call it a day for SL.

Edit to add, 8th December:
It’s ironic really. Time after time we are reminded that we should not bring RL into SL, but time after time we fail to do so. When I posted the above last week I was feeling very low RL and missing the attention of my Domina and partner in SL. Selfish to be sure and equally unavoidable. Certainly my RL situation is not good, but many have to face worse and it is good to remember that. This week the clouds seem a little less threatening and some minor achievements on the pony field have lifted my spirits. To be sure I am not going to be in SL for a great deal longer, since time waits for no-one and I cannot expect SL to last forever, but for now at least I trot on!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 6, 2014.

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