Where do we draw a line?

Once again there has been debate in the Ponyplay community regarding what constitutes material griefing and also, perhaps more importantly, what to do about such individuals as actually are seen to be “griefing” on Ponyplay sims. Once again it becomes clear that there is no consistent view across Ponyplay as to what level of nuisance would constitute griefing and moreover what action, if any should be taken against identified individuals.

It has become clear that there is no unified measure of nuisance across the many stables that constitute the Ponyplay world in SL and indeed, probably due to the generational spread of those involved in SL Ponyplay there is a wide spectrum of attitudes from the casually uninterested to the tightly controlled almost intolerant.
I had assumed that senior Trainers had together with experienced senior Masters and Mistresses of various stables would have agreed a formula for such behaviour but it appears that getting a consensus in Ponyplay is akin to herding cats.
It infuriates some ponysport contestants that some individuals persist in TPing in and out of events while ponies are running/jumping and will quite blatantly adjust their charges’ tack despite being politely asked not to do so during runs. Essentially these individuals quite openly do not care about the disruption they cause and refuse to take the competitions seriously. Now it is true that some competitors take the competition element a bit too seriously, but knowing a little about such individuals’ RL situations makes such an attitude quite easy to comprehend.

Recently some well-meaning comments have resulted in some rather unseemly debate in the groups and it appears to me that, as I mentioned previously, one might as well try to herd cats as get a consistent attitude and rule-set for ponysport or even a behaviour code for Ponyplay in general.

ETA Wednesday 17th:
I cross-posted that to the SLponyplay.com forum and…not a peep! So I must assume no-one gives two hoots about this matter from the deafening silence. Apathy would rule, if it could be bothered.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 16, 2014.

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