So maybe I’m an idealist or just plain Naïve

This is just a post about Ponyplay, so if it doesn’t interest you, I’d look elsewhere!

There seems to be a disconnect in SL Ponyplay between those who follow certain rules or guidelines and those who indulge in Ponyplay for a bit of fun. Time and again at competitive events the organisers ask that if competitors or their trainers wish to attend an event during its allotted run, they ask in the Pony Info group for a timely TP so that a pony’s run will not be spoiled by the sim’s “hiccup” as they arrive. For the same reason Trainers and Owners are asked to refrain from locking and unlocking or otherwise adjusting their ponies’ tack during runs. Time and again this sound advice is ignored. Some Trainers/Owners actively flout this advice and if challenged are unrepentant, usually saying that such actions “have no effect”, which is provably untrue. During a 24-hour event it is not possible to close a sim nor is it possible for a host to be on hand throughout the event, so a bit of self-discipline is needed. Each competing pony has only a limited number of runs, so a TP-botched run can be costly. Thoughtless relogs following crashes are similarly irritating but I do realise that it is sometimes unavoidable.

Some short term events take place on “closed” sims where the only way in is via a TP request to the host. Even this security arrangement can be circumvented and rather too frequently it is.

Some folk have actually said that they “do not care about the events” and so do not show competitors courtesy…I find that attitude appalling, but symptomatic of virtual reality, where some people really do believe that it is “old fashioned” to show others common courtesies.

This “couldn’t care less” attitude is widespread in SL Ponyplay and despite what I assumed was a common goal, trying to get some semblance of agreement between factions and stables is like trying to herd cats.

Surely we are all approximately trying to do the same things, so why is it so hard to get agreement on even minor procedural rules that would respect everyone equally. But then again, maybe I AM naïve.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 22, 2014.

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