I speak as I feel

And right now I feel that my world has turned upside down. I have not had the best Christmas…mostly my own fault but that is another story. As I posted a couple of weeks ago, my predilection for Ponyplay in SL has put a distance between my Owner/Partner/Domina and myself and has left me feeling a bit bereft at some points.

Also there is more news of abusive people in SL Ponyplay making use of RLV exploits to control others against their will – it is not the first time this has occurred and yes, someone can always log out of RLV in order to escape such attacks, but it goes against the grain for most of us to do that.

Now there are those who try to prevent such virtual abuse, and I am, I suppose, equating virtual abuse with RL mental abuse, but obviously RL physical abuse is another matter.

I suppose the fact that many in SL are in some way broken or failing in RL exacerbates the feelings of abuse but that in no way makes those feelings any less real to those who suffer them.

What is it in human nature that makes us so cruel to those around us? For the life of me I do NOT understand that.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 27, 2014.

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