Pony Fashion note

This is perhaps a bit of a conceit on my part but in the absence of the Miss Deirdre Young’s SL Fetish Fashion Blog with Lelo Recreant’s input, I feel I have to mention the new-ish Strapped Ponyboots from Salid Sewell (KaS). These are a whole range of ankle, knee-high or thigh-high boots and are fitted Mesh. I unashamedly review only the thigh-high variant here There is a script-control prim (I can only vouch for the thigh-high) which is visible at first (but becomes invisible after the first touch)and is modifiable so that even with “show invisibles” on, the prim can be almost completely hidden (you or your Dom/me know where it is but others might struggle to find it!). The prim can be de-linked and a descripted pair produced if required (I have a pair for events).
I confess to struggling to get a fit until after some advice from Salid (who in my experience is a really nice helpful person), and with a bit of fiddling I got a really nice skin-tight fit that did not clip in animations. The mesh is variously colourable using specular or standard shine maps using the very good HUD that comes with them and the end result, to my mind at least, is a fabulous item of pony clothing.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am also enamoured of Tsarina Mint’s ROSAL gear, and together with Salid she is one of the nicest creators I have had the good fortune to talk with…go and check out her latest additions, not least the new Virion M helmet. I cannot use it as a pony but I have no doubt that it will be popular.
These pictures give some idea of the new Ponyboots from KaS:
New Ponyboots1.Snapshot_001
New Ponyboots3.Snapshot_001
My overall look, using Tsarina’s ROSAL items:
New Ponyboots2.Snapshot_001

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 6, 2015.

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