I know I’ve said this before…but…

Today (Sunday) has seen a resurgence in the confusion and dissent in SL Ponyplay. The cause is the same as it has been before – rules and the need or otherwise for consistency. There are many that see consistency in rules around institutions like the Ponyplay Cup as a stifling of individuality, while others see it as a simple common-sense necessity.
I’ve wittered on before about how different stables have seemingly incompatible rules and the need for consistent attitudes and its formulation being akin to “herding cats”, so today’s debate following a seemingly minor “adjustment” of scoring at a Cup event was no surprise to me. What DID surprise me was the apparent inability of one side to see the other point of view…shades of RL politics?
To my apparently over-ordered mind, it seems obvious that a Grid-wide competition like the Ponyplay Cup should have some consistent rules both regarding scoring and attire. It hardly seems like stifling individuality to have a basic set of guidelines that would apply to all events and yet some sim owners and course builders immediately raised the issue of commonality of scripting such courses and the cost therein. A valid point! Also some courses, distinctly individual in nature might not qualify for Cup Events due to their scripting and consequent scoring. My comment would be just how difficult can it be to ensure consistent scoring rules? I thought that the script-cost issue might be solved by levying a small fee for entry into Cup events (we mostly if not all donate to sims hosting Cup and private events as a thankyou for our fun [don’t we?]). Then of course I was reminded that not all of us have payment facilities and reasonable amounts of Lindens to give, so that could be seen as divisive…sigh. Also of course we would need to agree upon someone to administer such things and here RL intrudes rudely into matters, something few would want, I suspect. So…what to do? Laissez-faire or make a change? I’m not sure that I have a clear answer and the cats are likely to remain unherded for now!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 26, 2015.

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