A Matter of Ownership

An incident last night led me to ponder the importance of ownership of a sub’s collar. I have been owned by my Domina, Rachael Ezvalt, pretty much from the beginning of my SL proper. Now in this case that means she is primary owner of my collar, and also owner of nearly all my significant scripted attachments and restraints. In my pony form this also means my Head-harness, and Hooves.

Those items remain locked and are worn permanently, certain others I am trusted to unlock and remove only when training or in competition, (if my Domina permits – it is in her Purview not to allow such things but – in deference to other competing ponies I am usually allowed to descript a bit).

Just recently another Stable Mistress asked if this situation would permit a secondary owner of my collar…it was not clear to me just why this was required and quite reasonably my Domina has declined to permit this. It must be said that in our past (a good few years ago now) I DID have a secondary owner on my collar, but since that person’s motivations were (to say the least) questionable, the situation has never been repeated. In a D/s relationship such as exists between my owner and I, trust is a vital component. It works both ways and it must be earned by both parties for it to work. Trust must be maintained and that is such a vital aspect that my owner is very careful about ceding any aspects of control: for that I am most grateful!

Nonetheless it made me wonder what motivations, apart from the obvious power-exchange aspects, might be at play here and for the moment, I cannot see what they are. So for now the status quo remains and I feel safe in that.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 28, 2015.

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