Ice, Ice, baby….

And I’m not talking about In Car Entertainment, no, the cold stuff…frozen water, y’know.

At last and to no fanfare at all, I have won a pony event. The Ice Sled run at Darkwing was run over the last three months and is essentially a trickier version of carting on a closed track.
For some reason unbeknown to me I seem to have the “knack” to do it and do it well! I even managed to beat the supersonic Eliza Bhalti, which amazed me!

Last night Miss Safra Nitely, Mistress of Darkwing Stable told me the good news and while it is a pity that there isn’t a ribbon or something that I can stick on my stable wall, I know I managed a win at last. As Kat (Moondance) Stevenson says, there is no substitute for practice and I admit I spent a good while pounding around the track, learning how NOT to turn the sled over on corners, run spirals and avoid prim edges!

It is rare that I publicize my achievements (meagre as they usually are) but this one is special for me!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 2, 2015.

3 Responses to “Ice, Ice, baby….”

  1. Congrats:)

  2. Thankyou zz, it’s not often I have something to shout about!

  3. How i understand that, i did won my 1st official sailing race and after, all i’ve done i end last, so no way i’m cheering that one to loud:)

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