Ponyball League 2015…Season 5 beckons

It is nearing the time when we all (SL ponies, that is) gather together to push a ball around again. SL ponyplay’s Ponyball League is due to kick or push off in about a month’s time and various stables and groups are getting their teams together.

This year Darkwing Stable will field three teams, Darkwing-Alikat, a second team Darkwing Barn and Bound Darkwing Safra’s Minions (acronym BDSM, geddit). Guess which team I play for? Yes, third team and we are as likely to score own goals as we are to score at the opponents’ end. So be warned…we are so unpredictable even we don’t know what we will do next!

Now I confidently predict Miss Safra’s DWAK team will be a contender for Champions, whereas the other end of the table will be magnificently propped up by the BDSM team! Miss Safra has more confidence than sense in choosing me for the third team but we ought to have fun, if I can overcome my tendency to implode during games at my own incompetence.

ETA Feb 10th:
Well not surprisingly perhaps the third Darkwing team name has changed. It is now Best Darkwing Safra’s Minions – less controversial and perhaps more PC. Also I am apparently NOT necessarily in the team, so goodness knows if I’ll be playing or not now.

ETA 2 Feb 14th:
Well, it seems that I AM playing and the first matches are a bit nearer than I thought…this coming Sunday! So at Stones n Rubber stadium from 11am PST, 15th Feb.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 8, 2015.

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