Well the Lower Division of the SL Ponyball League kicked (or pushed) off Season 5 yesterday at that wonderful lag-trap sNr, with all its concomitant problems. For once I didn’t melt down but my viewer did, and the second and third matches for the BDSM team were a joke for me. We actually won the first match, partnered with Geneveive Bellflower, but after Ash substituted for me while I attempted a relog, the second two matches were a blur for me. I am sad for the others, but I tried. For some reason my account/viewer just does not like the sNr sim and for the most part I could not even be sure which way I was facing. I have never encountered this issue on any other sim and now I have seen it three times at sNr so I have to conclude that it is that location, for whatever reason.
The other Darkwing team in the lower division, Darkwing Barn, were also playing and sad to say they strove greatly but came away empty-hooved (they wuz robbed)…I think we were lucky, in retrospect. There were some good, closely fought matches so some ponies could see where they were, it would seem!

ETA 19th Feb:
It seems that there are STILL some folk who just cannot wrap their heads around the fact that the Kinky Magic sim performance for by far most of us is at best poor and at worst woefully inadequate for sports like Ponyball. It is NOT just me, there are dozens who found the same issues, and what is more it is becoming clear that there is a simple step that could be taken to improve matters (regular sim restarts) that is not being done, presumably because those in authority there “do not see a need for it”. There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 16, 2015.

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