A Happy Occasion (Delayed)

This evening, UK time and at 1pm PST or SLT, there will be a happy gathering at Darkwing Stable on Devon Dreams sim to mark the wedding in SL of Miss Safra Nitely and Geneveive Bellflower. This couple have found happiness together and their joy has been plain for all at Darkwing to see in the past weeks as this ceremony draws near. I am adding nothing to this since there is no need of embellishment.

I simply wish all good fortune in SL and RL to Miss Safra and Geneveive.

ETA Saturday 21st:
I heard this UK morning that Miss Safra was admitted to hospital on Thursday last, having collapsed and is likely to need surgery. Needless to say all at Darkwing are sending our best wishes and prayers to Miss Safra for a speedy return to health. Geneveive has ensured that the Darkwing Family know that the wedding has been postponed for now.

2nd Edit: It appears that Miss Safra will have an operation on her back on Monday, for which we all wish her well.

3rd Edit (just after midnight UK time, ie Tuesday): Apparently Miss Safra’s operation was postponed but I have no further info than that, other than she will be in hospital a while longer.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 21, 2015.

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