Sim Crossings, Teleports and broken scripts…eeh it’s a great Second Life, if you don’t weaken

Well this weekend has been less than marvellous. For some time teleports have been resulting in detached items, locked or not, sufficiently so that a JIRA (BUG-6925) has been raised about it. More recently it became noticed that some scripted attachments, principally HUD objects like AOs could be rendered inoperable by TPs.

Well, tonight during a carting expedition, I suffered both at one sim crossing, such that I needed to completely rebuild my AO. Now this sort of occurrence during a relatively low-speed sim crossing is simply not acceptable. If roads are to be travelled and sailing and flying are to continue as major pastimes in SL, this issue needs to be addressed and cured.

It is a major impediment to my SL that I cannot risk taking a carting trip along one of the many Linden Roads in SL, or a sailing trip on Blake Sea for fear of losing functional content. In the end nothing is unrecoverable but the time and effort required to rebuild scripted attachments and get them working properly again is just too great to be considered “one of those things”. What I find most irritating is that when a sim crossing removes an item, it still remains in the viewer/client-side cache, so only others cannot see it (though scripted items simply do not work at all) and for locked items, nothing short of a relog fixes the matter. I must insert one exception, my DD renamer HUD; this regularly becomes non-functional on TPs but if it fails I can remove it despite it being nominally locked and once reworn it works as normal and is locked. (!) It must be a result of the Server-side avatar baking (SSA) code, but it is taking Linden Lab far too long to sort this out.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 9, 2015.

3 Responses to “Sim Crossings, Teleports and broken scripts…eeh it’s a great Second Life, if you don’t weaken”

  1. when i sail or go on any event that requires sim crossing i make sure of 2 things:
    My sub ao (free open collar ao, modded to have diff animations, bla bla bla, but still free) is detached (not just turned off) and my open collar is replaced by a non scripted version (full Oc with rlv and all by the same but without scripts).
    And that i do have more then 1 copy of each in my inventory.
    Sunday i did cross for sure over 100 diff regions for over 6 hours of sailing events and i did not got a single crash, using a RLV viewer enabled called Ukando.
    But i do agree with you, that crossing sims with scripted attachments are really bad, even if i did fly yesterday and sailed on the blake sea, fully locked with my ao just set to off and my full oc in place and did not had any issues. My soul mate, on the other end, tends to forget to detach her ao and many times, the fact she has a copy of it is the only way to solve its being screwed.

    • And therein is the problem ZZ. LL have had this bug on their books for 9 months now and it is nowhere near being cured. All V3 based viewers have the problem to varying degrees and I’m guessing that the Ukando is a V1 based viewer, so it is more resistant but not immune, to bad sim-client comms. Considering all that LL are trying to get the simulator-servers to do it is perhaps not surprising that there have been hitches, but this one has gone on for far too long.

      • Ukando is pure v3 = LL official viewer + rlv (with latest code changes as well) and only a few more add ones, all them really useful.
        It took me a week in 2011 to change from phoenix v1 style to a v3 interface but now i can not handle a v1 anymore.

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