Tonight a 21 day old avatar committed a copybotting attack on the Devon Dreams sim. An utterly, to my mind, pointless and negative act of wanton intellectual property theft, taking copies of the sim structures and layout otherwise not available. Now it is highly likely that this avatar had either been hacked by the criminal or was an alt(ernate account) of the miscreant.

Such behaviour not only denies the original creators of the sim features due recompense for their work, in this case Elicio Ember, but cheapens the hours of work Safra and others have invested in the superb layout at the home of Darkwing.

My abiding question is, simply, WHY? The simplistic answer is “because they can”, but it grates against my sense of fairness that such acts are committed by apparently otherwise intelligent people. That Linden Lab were quick to offer support to Safra Nitely, owner of Devon Dreams and head of the Darkwing SL family, albeit only moral, is a positive, but real decisive and effective action against such people is both difficult, due in part to the nature of SL accounts and in some quarters is seen as an attack on freedom. My response to that is to ask, “What about our freedom to go about our Second Lives without their interference?”.

This is another aspect of the cyber world that leaves me shaking my head in puzzlement. WHY?

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 12, 2015.

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