Today we were taught the value of well-regulated hardware. The SL Ponyball (Pony Polo) League Lower Division played at the Devon Dreams sim, home to the Darkwing Stable. Although it was well attended and although there was no separate spectator stadium on the next sim, for everyone concerned (I am told) the event was almost completely lag free. I was told the history of the sim, going back to 2009 and its luxurious server capacity.
It made a marked and by no means flattering comparison to the last two venues for Ponyball when lag was by far the greatest factor in most games, and a strong contrast to last UK night when Stones and Rubber hosted a carting competition. The script-run performance was woeful at between 40 and 70% with spikes of lag so severe at some points that the carts appeared to run backwards. Today I visited the same course and ran a time over 35 seconds better than last night (87 as opposed to 124 seconds) such was the sim performance change. Now SnR is a successful and busy sim please do not misunderstand me, but it is hard to see how Ponyplay events can be held under such conditions. I have to ask why conditions today were SO much better than last night? What I am saying is that Ponysport relies heavily on SL physics and clearly script-run is important in events like carting, since the carts move by scripted functions. Therefore it is surely appropriate that a sim should be running as well as possible when such events take place. Yes, it is essentially the same for all, but it is a fact that some viewers behave better under poor sim performance conditions than others. Is Ponysport to be decided by who has the best viewer then? Surely not, I say.
Anyway plaudits to Miss Safra Nitely and the Devon Dreams sim for showing what it CAN be like.
Oh and please if You visit Devon, drop some Lindens into the Relay for Life board there at the Polo pitch.

To the uninitiated the title is a poor skit on the Comparethemeerkat advert.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 23, 2015.

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