Chasing Rainbows

Today the Ponyplay community lost another of its true characters to the RL ravages of Cancer. Miss Chaikhe or just plain Chai in tack was a staunch supporter and open member of the community and has been remembered in SL with fondness by many already today. I did not know Chai well, though we had whinnied at one another a few times, so I am not going to add to the eulogies. Quite a few of my SL friends have passed in RL this last year due to the depredations of Cancer, so all I am asking is that if you pass by a Relay for Life donation jar on your path through SL just fling a few Linden Dollars at it.

SL is a place where we come to chase rainbows. Sometimes we catch them for a while and we bathe in the radiance. We should NEVER stop.

ETA: From 1:30am SLT Thursday until 1:30am SLT Friday there is a Pony League carting event at the Wildfire sim, and it is dedicated to the memory of Miss Chaikhe.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 25, 2015.

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