Two years on, still ponied

It is actually slightly more than two years since I was locked into my hooves and harness and not much less than 2 years since I became a permanent latexpony. My feelings at this stage are that while it is somewhat limiting, the plusses far outweigh the minuses.
Tonight I spent 30 minutes or so helping another pony to modify her AO. She was very dubious of her abilities in that regard but I simply pointed out that if I could do it anyone could! The feeling of elation when a steeple is cleared or a slalom is (finally) conquered is very rewarding, but ponies are volatile and can easily be pushed into morbid introspection (or at least I can).

Ponyplay is a diverse and complex roleplay and it can encompass bondage, BDSM, D/s and (for some, I’m told) elements of animalism. For me it is an extension of my long-term D/s relationship with my SL partner of 6 1/2 years, Rachael Ezvalt and it is a credit to her care of me that I continue my SL in this form. Rachael knew at the outset that Ponyplay was a strong interest of mine, one that she does not fully share but with her guidance and encouragement I am as comfortable now as I was two years ago.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on April 22, 2015.

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