New Firestorm….oh dear!

Well in the British wee small hours the Firestorm team released 4.7.1, the latest iteration of Firestorm incorporating many, many changes and introducing us to the wonders of Augmented Inventory System 3 or AIS3.

Unfortunately it also introduced even more Linden Lab-generated bugs, so that BUG-6925 now has a partner in BUG-7714. Not only that but the revised inventory system radically changes the way that Outfits are handled, purportedly to reduce instances of crashing while changing outfits (something I have never experienced), such that we can no longer organise our Outfits folder with subfolders. I am told that the work-around is to move the folders into another, either custom named folder or the Clothing folder. Whether this works or not remains to be seen since the two bugs I mentioned earlier are show-stoppers for RLV users, due to attachments randomly detaching on teleporting, and anecdotal information suggests that corruption of scripted data may result. This is utterly unacceptable and no doubt a future “coming soon” update will address these issues …until then I will NOT be migrating.

After such a long wait for the new viewer it is frustrating to find that along with many new features, a new set of Linden Lab’s finest BUGs have been introduced. Enough to send a TPV developer bald.
It is also a pity that these bugs adversely affect a minority group, ie RLV users, for whom Linden Lab has scant regard. We must wait and see what transpires.

ETA 1:30pm SLT 4th May:
I am encouraged by Whirly Fizzle, Firestorm’s JIRA guru and cheerleader to try FS 4.7.1 since it transpires that many folk who suffered from BUG-6925 as I did do not have the problems associated with either that BUG or BUG-7714. I can’t say I’m keen and will most likely wait out the running in period of this new viewer. I’m thinking about frying pans and fires here.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 4, 2015.

3 Responses to “New Firestorm….oh dear!”

  1. I still can not understand why any will use firestorm when needs to use rlv!
    There is the rlv viewer, vf cool viewer, ukando, kokua, all these use the true and real rlv system and they work flawless.
    Besides they are updated as soon as LL releases a new version.

  2. That is very true, ZZ. It seems like Firestorm management has rather lost the plot or feels that since it is SO successful, its userbase is now predominantly vanilla and that RLVa is now almost an unwanted legacy.

  3. Sadly, as it works so well on open sim grids.
    I had to stop using it when im using LL viewer and i do miss it sorely and i do remember how well it worked before all the mess with the ssa code.
    Still i do think rlv has a big advantage regarding rlv(a), Henry the builder of vf col viewer is working with marine kelly and fixing much faster all the bugs he can due to ll code then rlv(a) developers.

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