New Firestorm…SSA…AIS3…pick a card…any card…

Well! Despite being urged to try out the New Iteration of Firestorm, I have so far managed to refrain from doing so and I have had much wise advice on RLV-equipped alternatives to FS, not least comprehensively by my friend ZZpearlbottom (see the comment on the previous post here).

However tonight having received further information via the LL JIRA and Whirly Fizzle, I have to say that it seems likely that whatever viewer colour or shade I choose I am likely to at least continue to see attachments vanish on sim-crossings and TPs, though there are indications that the situation could either improve markedly or get worse! Not only that but there is a newer JIRA BUG-7761 referring to “ghosted” attachments (ie ones that you see yourself but no-one else does because they have fallen off as far as the server is concerned)…are you still with me?

The bottom line seems to be that something has been failing in the SSA (Server-side Avatar baking) and Project Interesting code on the servers, and the recently observed increase in failures is simply due to a slight difference in the way server and client(viewer) communicate. Therefore it makes little difference which client you use, though the closer to current LL code the better, no doubt. I am somewhat heartened by the still unofficial suggestions that a fix is in the LL pipeline and will be passed onto TPVs in the very near future. I wish my head would stop spinning, I might be a bit more upbeat then!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 5, 2015.

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