Sunrise on Sunset

Sunset Stables has returned to SL Ponyplay. Actually it’s been back for a couple of weeks, but I haven’t written about it. Carla Laville said, back in 2013, that the stable would return and sure enough it has.

At the moment there is a carting track on the upper platform, and below is a street circuit, barrels and a tricky steeple. I wasn’t sharp enough to join in the opening event a couple of weeks ago, but the steeple “Just Jump” event at the weekend I did attend, along with a good many of SL’s ponies.

That I got some very useful tutelage from Prici (Pricilla Slade) contributed enormously to my first ever 2nd place at a steeple in the first of two hour-long events. In the second I was unlucky to have a TP into the sim as I was running, and such is the behaviour of sims at the moment that my run was ruined…tough. This is one of the irritating things about ponysport, and really any activity that uses SL physics intensively, namely that as a server recognises and rezzes an arrival or a departure, its ability to run its other operations is badly impacted. Indeed some sim-severs seem to almost stall at a TP. It is not unknown for the arrival of a complex avatar to actually crash a simulator. It is just one of the problems that are possibly beyond the ability of Linden Lab to solve.
Anyway, enough whingeing about LL, we all do that. Sunset Stables…a nice addition to the SL Ponyplay circuit.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 19, 2015.

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