Big bugs have little bugs upon their back to bite them….

That misquote perhaps sums up the recent woes suffered by the residents of SecondLife. In attempting to cure a persistent and irritating inventory problem suffered by a minority of SL accounts, Linden Lab revised the operation of the SL inventory system. The new code AIS3 (Augmented Inventory System 3) has proved a bad fit with both RLV and the not quite so new “Interest List” code intended to reduce the incidence of “bake fail” among SecondLife residents.
Now we have a series of BUGs, principal of which is BUG-6925, which reference the tendency for servers to fail to recognise attachments upon sim-crossings or teleports. This matter is proving harder to cure that was originally anticipated and is also wreaking havoc among RLV users.

Problems encountered by (though not limited to) RLV users are attachments locked or unlocked dropping off upon teleport, attachments losing contact with SL such that although they remain visible to the wearer and stay “worn” according to inventory, they have not been “picked up” by the receiving simulator, and a relog is required before their functions and visibility to all and sundry is restored.

There is a further issue whereby an attachment drops off but is then re-attached but shows as worn on an “invalid attachment point” and non-functional. This is also a major problem for RLV users since the attachment so affected may be locked and as such irremovable to be returned to the correct location.

While I do not like criticizing the hard-worked developers of SL, it seems that the issue of locked attachments was never considered since Linden Lab do not support the adaptation of the SL viewer to produce RLV. Indeed, in the past some of them have made no secret of their disapproval of this “hack”, so it is perhaps unsurprising that this issue was not considered during the development of AIS3.
From what I can glean from various informed sources within the SecondLife developer community these issues are testing both their ingenuity and their patience and the cure is by no means imminent. We must wait and see what transpires in the coming months.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 29, 2015.

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