Memorials, bruised feelings…when is a memory not personal?

Recently I had cause to visit the Memorial Garden at Wildfire sim. There, there is a small plaque and picture of Miss Chai or Chaike, dependent on what circumstance you knew her. Also there is a video recording of Miss Jo Gallindo in tack, jumping at the Frilly Filly Farm Big Steeple in 2011. It is a poignant reminder of someone who, in or out of tack left a big impression on and a lasting legacy for SecondLife Ponyplay.

Jo Gallindo’s Toybox Steeple, in the safekeeping of Miss Safra Nitely at Darwing Stable, is unique among steeples in SL, insofar as it makes no attempt to mimic a RL showjumping steeplechase course, being what its name suggests, a Toybox (see earlier posts on this course).

The legacy of SL Ponyplay has been handed down over the past few years from Alikat stables, to FFF, Salena Larsen’s Wild Ponygirls and ultimately to Darkwing Stables at Devon Dream. Wildfire, though relatively new, has connections to FFF and values the legacy, but this addition to Wildfire, in the Memorial has opened some old wounds and perhaps has been executed with less than complete subtlety.

I am not privy to nor am I qualified to comment upon aspects of this matter, so I will simply say that anyone inside or outside SL Ponyplay who visits Miss Jo’s memorial should remember that there are those who still mourn Miss Jo’s passing and perhaps feel a little marginalised by recent events.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 29, 2015.

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