The End (?)

This is one of those posts that I probably shouldn’t make but I am putting down my thoughts as they occur. Tonight showed to me again that my partner’s path and mine have diverged in the last relatively recent few months, largely due to my increasing involvement with SL Ponyplay. My partner is simply not interested in it, any part of it, but allowed me to explore it since she knew how much it meant to me. I don’t even know if it would have been different if I had not become an SL pony.

The thing is, my SL is my life now. I have become increasingly disabled in RL though you’d hardly know it to look at me and I have serious issues with inconsiderate RL neighbours. I also have bouts of depression and this is undoubtedly one of them, but as they say Just because you are paranoid does not mean that they aren’t out to get you.

I cannot imagine SL without my partner…we have been together since November 2008 as partners, and Rachael has helped me through some tough times in RL as I adjusted to my current status and lifestyle. But now it is slowly falling apart. I realise that I probably ascribe much more importance to SL than most, that is an unavoidable function of my limited RL and I am aware…very aware, that others are far less fortunate than myself. That does not lessen the impact of my current situation. Quite frankly I do NOT know what to do.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on June 6, 2015.

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