A few cogent points…

Following a remarkable response to my blogpost last night I want to make a few things quite clear.

Firstly I DO NOT blame the FS team for the current crop of BUGs afflicting SL; I am well aware that these BUGs originated in well-intentioned but ill thought-out changes made to SL by Linden Lab.
What perhaps is true is that there has not been as much pressure as should have been put on The Lab by the TPV teams, of which Firestorm is by far the biggest to get these BUGs sorted out ASAP.

What is also true is that while it is possible to access SL without paying anything, I and many others DO pay The Lab directly for my use of their system and while some in the US appear to believe that even if a service is paid for, the end-user has no right of redress, I do consider that Linden Lab have a duty to eradicate significant failings in their service.

I have been told that I am an example of an “Entitlement Culture” and it has no place in SL. Respectfully I consider that view nonsense. Snake Oil merchants have no place in modern commerce.

So, in short I think that LL should get its corporate finger out and sort these issues in cooperation with Third-Party developers without the “smoke and mirrors” that currently hamper progress.
Compatibility with Third-party adaptations (NOT Hacks) must be duly considered and all-in-all LL should pull its pants up and actually do some remedial work in short order.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on June 25, 2015.

One Response to “A few cogent points…”

  1. Well i do blame them in fact!
    And im not only one, as you can see here:

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