The Price of Fame

It is becoming clear to me that these currently troublesome BUGs in SL are causing more division than I realised. I am also wondering if I am more naïve than I thought.

The failure of both Linden Lab and Firestorm to solve serious outstanding issues in SL have polarised views much more than I at first realised. There may be several reasons for Firestorm’s apparent inactivity over these issues, but the one thing the appears to stand clear is that Firestorm no longer considers RLV in the form of RLVa worth serious consideration.

One has only to look back at the last three releases by FS to notice the lack of advancement of the RLVa implementation. It (RLVa) has now fallen well behind the original RLV codebase and several Third-Party Viewers, adopting RLV code, are now well in advance of Firestorm. Some of these viewers, most notably Henri Beauchamp’s Cool VL Viewer, seem to have overcome a number of the BUGs afflicting other TPVs. Now some of that may be the continued use of a V1 style interface and related code, I don’t know, but it has been known for years the Henri is one of the most, if not THE most able compiler(s) in SL. Unfortunately for me, I hate the old V1 style interface – I actually prefer the current CHUI to the original…I am not alone in that. Nonetheless Henri has overcome several issues in the recent past and his ability to get changes up and running quickly gives his codebase a big advantage.
Still Cool VL Viewer is very much a minnow amongst the leviathans, and there must be a good reason for this (though apart from that UI, I cannot for the life of me work out what it is).

As the Blog post title suggests there is a price to pay for fame and success, and losing sight of one’s origins is a serious hazard and should be avoided. That some have chosen to ignore that is a source of regret to me. Above all this there is the apparent morbidity of the Linden Lab QA department, the past week’s RC channel software is a case in point.

NB: There may well be a reason why Firestorm seems (and I emphasise SEEMS) to suffer more from the server-side BUGs may well be the interaction between the FS gem, the bridge, and the server. I have noticed, though I do not have quantitative data, that reducing bridge functions improves viewer performance and reduces glitches. This is a matter where I am bound to defer to wiser counsel; I have noticed it but I do not know if it is a genuine change, or quite how it is achieved.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on June 26, 2015.

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