Big Bird is no Big Solution, it seems

Linden Lab’s major “fix” for the attachment bugs afflicting SecondLife appear to be at best a partial success. Despite being a fix for one of the attachment bugs (BUG-6925), it seems to have left unaffected the more severe, and for RLV users more critical, bug – BUG-7761, which is at least in part sever-side.

Despite the apparent increase in the prevalence of BUG-7761 since the introduction of AIS3 code to the viewers, the issue of BUG-7761 is that the server seems to get flummoxed by an arriving avatar carrying several attachments, especially if there are more than one at a given attachment point.

Now I am told by those who should know, that this bug has existed for quite some time, but in my experience it only seemed to become noticeable after SSA code was introduced to SL, and more notably, Project Interesting (Interest List) code. That AIS3 has made a bad situation much worse is irritating to say the least, if only because there ought to have been a flag up over this problem already. As I have often said, Linden Lab’s QA process leaves a great deal to be desired where new server code is concerned.

So even when BigBird code is permitted into Firestorm and other TPVs, there will be at best a partial improvement in the situation, but more importantly, although there is work in progress to check compatibility with RLVa (for which we ought to thank the persistence of Whirly Fizzle and Kitty Barnett), we are a long way from being out of the woods yet.

Someone rather disaffected of Linden Lab once said that a typical LL fix was one that while solving one issue created 3 more; this concept seems to have a distinct ring of deja-vu about it, currently.

Updated 9th of July 12:15am BST:

It has been confirmed that while BUG-6925 is cured by the BigBird RC viewer, BUG-7761 is alive and kicking in that viewer, so LL have a lot more work to do server-side.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 7, 2015.

2 Responses to “Big Bird is no Big Solution, it seems”

  1. I got ride of that issue since i stopped using Rlv. I know that is not the right answer one wants to hear but LL already stated they will not do any to solve rlv issues.

  2. I think the saving grace (if there IS one) is that BUG-7761, which is such a problem for RLV users is also a major pain for Vanilla viewer users and as such is likely to get a lot more attention from LL. The solution is (most likely) 100% server-side, so it is up to LL to decide if it is prepared to piss off its Vanilla users with this issue, since the new platform they are developing is still nowhere near Beta, I doubt that they are.

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