NVidia blunder

Those who game over the internet probably know this already, but it seems that the latest WQHL driver from NVidia, 353.30 is causing massive issues, involving CTDs (Crashes To Desktop) or total system lock-ups where a hard reboot is necessary (that is what I got). There IS a “hotfix” driver, 353.38, available, so I recommend that anyone who has downloaded the latest NVidia driver to their computer roll back immediately and obtain the hotfix as a matter of some urgency. I was not sure what the issue was at first when the crashes started but a few searches of the internet flagged up the issue.

This is a pity, since NVidia GPUs are almost “derigeur” for SL, since nearly all NVidia cards support OpenGL much better than any others. However whether or not this issue will affect those with the latest “Kepler” base GPUs from NVidia, I do not know, but anyone with a card up to 7 series is going to be affected.

NB: I should point out that there are other more recent “Hotfix” drivers available, it just happens the 353.38 is the one for my GTX580 on Win7 64 bit OS, working in SL.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 12, 2015.

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