The Ghost Town called Devon Dream

There is a wonderful Ponyplay sim called Devon Dream. It is home to the Darkwing-Barn Stable and is the property and handiwork of Miss Safra Nitely. Among many attractions for all sorts of ponies is Miss Jo Gallindo’s Toybox Steeple, which I mentioned in earlier posts.

This steeple is not in any way a natural Show-jumping course. It is what its name suggests, a Toybox full of bright colours and unusual shapes and it was made years ago (2010, I think) for a young foal to play upon and learn the steeple skills. If anyone should be foolish enough to think that makes it easy I recommend they try it! It is NOT easy.

Nor is another steeple course, the Cloud Steeple, but that is also a challenge and fun. There is a good speed carting course a dressage practice area and much, much more. It is also wonderfully picturesque with the private stable created from Elicio Ember’s Lantern Houses.

Yes, there has been drama and personal politics surrounding Darkwing’s move from next to Frilly Filly Farm, on Oraenji, but that is in the past and cannot detract from this wonderful sims’s attactions.

There is just one thing it lacks – PONIES! For the life of me I cannot imagine why so few ponies ever go there. It is well made, almost completely lag-free and welcoming to anypony who wishes to go. So Go!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 14, 2015.

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