I’ve said this before, but…

Last post I bemoaned the lack of Non-Darkwing-Barn visitors to Devon Dream. Tonight as a family the group were trying to put their hoof or finger on the problem. It may well boil down to this. Some time ago Miss Safra hosted a pony event at the Toybox steeple. Some performances were over and above what was thought to be possible there at the time and some suggestions of cheating were made. From what I can gather some were shown to be unfounded and some were not. The Brouhaha that resulted was quite unseemly and harsh words were spoken on both sides of the argument that ensued.

It would seem that the ostracising of Darkwing from mainstream Ponyplay continues today, though for why I cannot for the life of me understand. Cheating does occur in Ponyplay, though WHY anypony would feel the need to cheat is beyond me – there are more gains to be made and a much greater “feel-good” is to be had from diligent practice than can be attained by simply cheating. Yes, that IS a personal attitude but the ethic of practicing was borne in upon me quite early in my exploration of Ponyplay by several experienced ponies, Moondance and Aziza being prominent.

That there are still hard feelings being held by some is evident in several aspects both of general Ponyplay and the attitude toward Darkwing Barn. I have to say that I utterly fail to see what good it does anyone. Come on folks and ponies, we are big enough to get over this, aren’t we?

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 20, 2015.

2 Responses to “I’ve said this before, but…”

  1. There are other reasons then the (for me long forgotten) cheating drama nonsense. I personally do not visit Devon Dreams since i simply dislike the looks and layout of the place. The fact that the whole place is floating in the sky and looks way to colourfull for makes me feel very uncomfortable. The use is lightsources brighter then the sun is very disturbing. I also associate the looks of the place with something i would more likely see in a childs bedroom. I know that this is only my personal problem but i find it highly irritating and awkward to see things at a pony place that make me things of kids. Those two things do not mix at all and thats why i personally stay away from places with looks like that. It is neither the fault of the nice folks over at devon nor the people who dislike going there. It is just that the overall looks and setup might not be everybodies cup of tea.

  2. Yes…well the name “Toybox” is a bit of a giveaway: it WAS designed and built as a child’s playground (or at least a foal’s). I respect your dislike of the décor, indeed it is not to everyone’s taste, but I must say I do not find it overbright in any way, so I am unable to see your point there. But it is surely it’s originality that is its main attraction…after so many “not-quite realistic” sims, I find it a refreshing change and you must admit that there is NOTHING quite like it. But as you say, it is not to all tastes.

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