Well, here it is…

August 18th..Tuesday in the USA, marked the release of Firestorm’s long awaited full-release incorporating most of the current LL code plus some bit ‘n’ pieces from other SL viewers. One notable omission was the failure to update RLVa to the current level of either other viewers or Marine Kelley’s RLV. There WERE some RLVa Bug-fixes, and that had to suffice us RLVa users.

The viewer made a much better job of utilizing AIS3 code, alongside the fixes for BUG-6925 from LL’s “Big Bird” RC release, and Viewer-managed Marketplace. The viewer was evaluated by more erudite people, Inara Pey for one, so I won’t repeat their far more insightful reviews. I’ll simply say that so far as I can tell it works well for me using the RLVa iteration (64 bit version).

It won’t satisfy some, of that I am in no doubt, and frankly it reinforces my feeling that the majority of Firestorm developers have little or no interest in the RLVa code.

I have also been installing and setting up a new PC, so not everything is as it should be yet, but it is very nearly so. Having put together a semi state-of-the-Art PC some 5 years ago, using SSDs (which were still in the development stage, really), I had run out of both disc space and expansion ability, so a new beast was created. So far it is working very well.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on August 20, 2015.

One Response to “Well, here it is…”

  1. I wish you could try Ukando that has all the latest rlv changes and ll ones.

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