This is getting silly…again

Now I don’t like criticizing Linden Lab. For one thing SL is a monster that some Lindens would happily see dead since the base code is a pig’s breakfast of outdated algorithms. Secondly it is on the whole considered a bit old-fashioned to carp at the problems that SL regularly endures. HOWEVER…just recently it seems we have had issues with servers and databases after every rolling restart, whether it be Main Server or the Release Candidate channels. My patience and bonhomie are wearing a little thin. The techs at Battery Street should know enough, even allowing for the afore-mentioned issue of obscure and outmoded software, not have serious issues after every roll. That they fix things with alacrity is a major plus point, but it wears one down, especially if one has events to run or attend in SL.

It makes me wonder if LL are beginning to take chances with the software updates to SL as the public Beta stage of Project Sansar (for that read SL 2.0) begins to be visible in the future planning of Linden Lab. I do hope that they are not playing dice with SL, because for me at least, there is a lot of mileage yet in this avatar.

Update 23.09.15
After today’s Release-Candidate channel restarts there were yet again a number of sims where mesh refused to rez and once in, no-one could TP out. Apparently this is a form of “de-syncing” following server restarts and has been happening a lot lately. Now…while LL support were very quick to restart the sim I reported, I really think these issues should not be occurring with the regularity and frequency they appear to be. Digitus Extractus, LL.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 23, 2015.

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