FPR Returns

A few months ago it became necessary for The Fabulous Pony Ranch to leave its home on Lost Island. In order to make the move worthwhile and to set up the Ranch on a new Homestead sim, Cassa and Sissa took time out to produce a New FPR which was both a training ground and a great place to visit.

That new sim at Hamilton Lake is now open and tonight (Saturday 28th) there is a party to celebrate the occasion. That Cassa and Sissa have worked hard on this project cannot be doubted. The new FPR is a wonderful place to just go and relax either in the mountains or by a lake or waterfall. It is beautifully landscaped and has possibly the best use of off-sim landscape I have ever encountered.
From talking with Cassa I know that the extensive use of mesh in the build has resulted in one of the fastest-rezzing complex sims I have ever experienced.

All the expected ponysport courses are there, and in my personal opinion as fine a steeplechase course, using Mina Hinchcliffe and Carina Asbrink’s system, as I think exists in SL. It uses lots of elevation changes to bring a true cross-country feel to the course.
There is more…much more…plentiful interesting cart paths taking in bridges, castles and devious tunnels. Below are just a few quickly taken photos of the sim that might give the potential visitor an idea of the place. All I can say is that if you like to wander and wonder in SL or even if you just like ponyplay, go to the new Fabulous Pony Ranch. I cannot imagine that you will be disappointed.

A few scenes from the new Fabulous Pony Ranch

A few scenes from the new Fabulous Pony Ranch

New FPR2.Snapshot_001

New FPR3.Snapshot_001

New FPR4.Snapshot_001

New FPR5.Snapshot_001

New FPR6.Snapshot_001

New FPR7.Snapshot_001

ETA Thursday 3rd Dec: Ho ho, after many attempts (some would call it obsessive) I have managed a clear round at the FPR steeple; it is a very tough course and does not help the unwary. I have Lady Harcassle and Lollipop to thank for their invaluable assistance in getting my jumping right.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on November 28, 2015.

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