BUGs and honesty

Recently, Secondlife has been plagued with a series of asset-server failures, the most recent of which is an intermittent failure of the group servers. This results in periodic but not predictable failure of group chats to open, group members lists not to load (which are of course, interrelated) and perhaps most severely, failure of teleports, sometimes resulting in data corruption. Also many folk find that it is all but impossible to either leave groups or join them, edit group roles, change group tags and so-on.

These issues are suffered by all clients, be they “official” Linden Viewer, Singularity, Firestorm and many others. Yesterday the main JIRA relating to this, BUG-10869, was flagged up by Caleb Linden as “severe” a category not often used. The JIRA was then inexplicably closed as a duplicate, but with no reference to what it was a duplicate of! Now this leaves me with no idea of what is going on, and it raises the ugly spectre of previous Linden tactics of burying serious issues that they’d rather not have to deal with.

Now I’m not a Linden-hater and post the Mark Kingdon era I’ve had precious little reason to be, but this is quite ridiculous. Stop playing Ostriches, Linden Lab.

ETA 2 hours later: My caustic memo to LL seems to have paid off since the links to other related JIRAs have been added. The issue has gone to an internal “MAINT” file (MAINT-5861), so it’s no longer public, but is in LL’s internal workflow. My thanks to Gay Faulkes for updating and enlightening me.

2nd ETA, about noon PST: Further to all the above, Linden Lab have re-opened BUG-10869 “for further information”.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 8, 2015.

5 Responses to “BUGs and honesty”

  1. Reblogged this on ZZ Bottom misadventures in Virtual Worlds!.

  2. Sadly i did found that bug as well, i tried to invite someone to my groups to no avail, hope it will get sorted, eventually.

    • Well ZZ, my information mine in SL tells me that the links to other JIRAs have now been included and the BUG has been moved to an “internal” MAINT file (so no longer Public), it seems LL ARE acting on it. I have Gay Faulkes to thank for enlightening me.

  3. ZZ, more developments. LL have re-opened BUG-10869 “for further comment”. >..<

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