A “Less Than Optimal” weekend

It is unlikely to have escaped a regular denizen of SL’s attention that SL was not good this past weekend. Several successive failures in Central and subsidiary database server-clusters brought SL to it’s knees for 24hours.

An explanation for what occurred was posted on the official SL blog by “April Linden” as


This marks a very welcome change which Ebbe Linden has been promising for ages and has only occasionally been seen. The explanation is well worth a read and it is couched in sufficiently simple terms that even a dunce like me can understand. That it happened was not pleasant, and it put a severe crimp in many folks’ weekend, not least the organisers of the Pony Polo League, since it forced the cancellation of the inaugural Lower-Division Season 6 rubber at Stones n Rubber on Sunday.

We castigate Linden Lab for not making SL all that we would like it to be, but in fairness, this is as full an explanation of a failure that no-one could have forseen as were are ever likely to need. For that they deserve praise and a little leeway. In my opinion, at least.
Hey look…a working hyperlink…at last!

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 12, 2016.

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    Finally some blogged about this terrible issue that spoiled many of Sunday’s activities.

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