Just to be clear…

While singing the praises of the Phoenix-Firestorm Project yesterday, it may have seemed that I denigrated other Third-Party Viewers. Nothing could be further from the truth. When I began my SL in 2008, there were no TPVs (not so far as I knew at least).

Then came Marine Kelley’s little addition to the SL viewer that created the RLV. I was a relatively early adopter and the replacement of certain files in the SLV executable was not something to be taken lightly and it took me a while to get it right.
At around about this time Henri Beauchamp began his work. Henri is a first-rate scripter and his Cool Viewer (latterly Cool VL Viewer) has been a standard for those who actually liked the V1 interface (I didn’t) and is still arguably one of the best viewers for virtual worlds. Boy Lane produced the Cool Viewer for Windows, which Henri despised, and due to disagreements eventually the Windows Cool Viewer became Rainbow. By then other specialist versions of the Linden interface were in existence, notably Kirsten’s for photographers, Imprudence and several others which my ignorance allows me to skip over. Of course the path was not a smooth one.
Quite early on there was the Linden Viewer 2. Oh dear, what a mess. I will not go into this saga, it is best left whimpering in its own dark cave. The Linden Lab Third Party Viewer Policy was another milestone (or millstone to some folk).
So we come to Emerald, and the bones of the Phoenix Viewer. More has been written about the sorry saga of Emerald than I have time to write about and I am sure most folk would not wish to rake over these particular coals.
After the dust settled around Emerald came the Emergence and then Phoenix Viewers, the struggle to use Kakadu code and the rest, as they say, is history. That we have a wonderfully diverse set of interfaces to access virtual worlds is thank to those pioneers and to the tenacity of the Phoenix-Firestorm Project.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 1, 2016.

4 Responses to “Just to be clear…”

  1. So true, kudos to All Tpv developers along the times.

  2. […] Source: Just to be clear… […]

  3. »When I began my SL in 2008, there were no TPVs (not so far as I knew at least).«

    You know nothing, Ayesha! 🙂
    We already had the Nicholaz viewer in 2007. It wasn’t even a real viewer, you couldn’t install it as such but it was more like a set of instructions on how to alter/delete the LL 1.2xxx viewer files. Was highly recommended for action avies like sailors, pilots and motorists. I was a stupid n00b back then and a friend had to do it for me, remotely operating my computer from far away USA. Anyway, after finding happiness on Nicholaz viewer I never looked back and haven’t installed and SL viewer ever since then.

    Now I’m an oldbie, still stupid tho, but at least I know how to install TPVs. My fave is Singularity-Alpha for Linux 64-bit.

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