Time to give back a little

I suppose it was one of those things that had a certain inevitability about it. The Firestorm Blog carries a message from Jessica Lyon putting forward the bald facts about running voluntary projects like the “Phoenix-Firestorm Project”, namely there comes a time when the money runs out. At the limit, Jessica has asked those of us who can to help those who cannot to keep the project’s financial head above water.
Kakadu is not a charity and the KDU graphic decoder that both the default Linden and most, if not all, Third Party Viewers depend is a substantial cost which must be met.

So now we have a marketplace item, a mesh jacket carrying the Phoenix logo in various trim options as a means of giving the project a financial “leg-up”. I sincerely hope that the idea works, although I’d’ve been happier to see either a crowd-sourced route taken, or even a PayPal option offered so that we could donate real money rather than Linden Dollars.

Now I’ve been critical of Firestorm of late for their tardy application of RLVa updates, but the true reasons for that are now known to me and I am patiently, hopefully awaiting developments as and when time permits the developers concerned.

But there is one overriding thought: without Phoenix/Firestorm, after the Emerald debacle, I wonder whether Third-Party Viewers would be so varied or so good. There is a TPV to suit virtually every taste now and for that at least we are indebted to the resolve of developers associated with or spurred on by the P/F project. They deserve our aid. For my part it was a “no-brainer”. If there had not been Phoenix or Firestorm it is very unlikely that my SecondLife would have lasted much beyond 2010.


~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 1, 2016.

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