Chromium-plated viewer?

This past week has seen the release of Firestorm, which brings Firestorm pretty much up to parity with the Linden default viewer (or so I believe). It has a long list of Bug-fixes and some handy new features, but essentially it brings the viewer into line with SL’s “Chromium-Embedded-Framework” which gives improvements to video media streaming within SL.

Now this will probably go clean over the heads of many (it did me) but it is actually rather important, since it replaces the code which governs the playing of media, and my first discovery was that my SL TV and film player no longer worked. Calamity! However so long as you download the correct version of Flash (for Chromium and Opera), all will be well. Previously it required the Firefox version of Flash, but that is no more now that CEF has been introduced. If you glazed over, I’m sorry but it is something you need to know and it isn’t told on the FS website for some reason.
Apart from a few minor changes to the user-interface and preferences, that’s about it. There was no update to RLVa yet again, and I suspect this will cause yet more folk to drift away from FS to more up-to-date TPVs with regard to RLVa. It is something that Firestorm need to address as a matter of some urgency, and while RLVa may not interest many of the developers of Firestorm, it WAS a major factor in many deciding to use it in the first place, something they should not forget. I know Kitty (Barnett) had issues in the last year but she does not work in isolation.

Oh and just for good measure the new viewer has introduced a couple of niggling but minor Bugs into the start-up page!

ETA March 21st just after midnight: Inara Pey’s Blog has a full round-up of this viewer’s features and updates : That tells you pretty much all you need to know about the features and fixes in this issue.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on March 20, 2016.

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