Fantasy Faire 2016

Now I rarely post about things outside of the Ponyplay world, these days, but this subject is one that I am happy to deal with OOC (Out of Character). Yearly some of the best sim builders in SL get together and provide a feast for the eyes on a series of sims that are usually full to bursting for weeks. Elicio Ember (Cerridwen’s Cauldron), Alia Baroque (Fallen Gods) and Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee (The Looking Glass) among many others provide us with ocular entertainment of a high order and the opportunity to crash in good company ( a small joke since Alia’s Golden Delta caused my router to faint today). I am just publishing a few pictures of Otherworld (Elicio), the Golden Delta (Alia)and Lucentia (Marcus and Sharni) for your delectation. To get a real feel for FF2016, go yourself!
First is Otherworld which visitors to the Cauldron will find familiar
Now Alia’s effort, The Golden Delta, has, as usual, an Ancient Egypt feel
FF2016. Golden Delta1_001
FF2016. Golden Delta2_001
And Lucentia, by Marcus and Sharni (ps, Marcus n Sharni, can’t wait for TLG to re-open!)
FF2016. Lucentia1_001

FF2016. Lucentia2_001
A quick update of two photos of Otherworld taken on the last day of FF2016FF2016.Otherworld3_001


~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on April 22, 2016.

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