And Now for Something a Little Different

/Rant On
This post marks a sharp departure from my usual comments and possibly is grossly inappropriate here. Nonetheless…this “Brexit” business. A triumph for democracy, some say.
Now, just how is this true? Consider this:

1) Only 72% of the registered electorate turned out to vote
2) of that 72%, 51.9% of them voted for Britain to leave the EU

So, what does that mean? 51.9% of 72% of the electorate voted to leave the EU. That is 37.4% of the electorate. The move to leave the EU is just possibly the biggest constitutional change this country has made since it joined the EEC in the middle of the last century.
Now, maybe I am naïve, but 37.4% of the electorate seems far too small a number to trigger a major constitutional change. For my part I’d have wanted a MINIMUM turnout of 75% and of that a CLEAR majority, perhaps no less than 66% in favour of leaving. Had that occurred I would still be unhappy, but at least I would think that a significant majority of folk thought differently to me and their will should prevail.
The signs are that this country is going to pass through “Interesting Times” in the terms of the Old Chinese Proverb. I feel quite vulnerable as I see our country’s economy faltering. I am also painfully aware that vast areas of this country wanted to change laws governing the status and number of “migrants”.
I was born in a town that first encountered large numbers of migrants back in the 1960’s and 70’s. Not EU migrants, but those from Commonwealth countries doing their damnedest to stay afloat economically in a world turning on its head. Sounds familiar? It should.
I am not wise enough to offer sage solutions to the issues facing our country, but I am bright enough to see the water rushing in and some folk busily banging holes in the side of our boat. Since when was this country run by the “hard of thinking”?

The EU is by no means a wise or even a sensible organisation but we’d be far wiser (surely) to be trying to fix it from the inside, than running away from the challenge?

ETA Sept 7th:
It occurs to me that one possible reason that our politicians were so keen to accede to our “democratic decision” is that if, as seems very likely, the UK is badly affected by the leaving of the EU and its single market, they can hold their hands up in horror and say “Well, it was YOUR democratic decision, all we did was implement it.” Following that route will quite quickly lead to the end of democracy as we know it (I believe the resultant system is called Meritocracy). There’s an old adage “Beware that which you wish for, it may well come to pass”.

ETA 2 Sept 14th:
I see that the UK’s Prime Minister actually DOES want a Meritocracy…all very well that, except that Meritocracies most often turn into “Old Boys’ Clubs” which are really more Oligarchies than Meritocracies. Just who decides what is and is not “merit”?

/Rant Off

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on September 5, 2016.

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