High Five for Firestorm

Today Firestorm launched their Bento-compatible viewer It was eagerly awaited, as was ably proven when the download demand crashed their server and kept it tied up for hours! In the end several mirror servers were arranged (one of which I used) and perhaps most notably Linden Lab published the urls on the SL Grid Status Page. This latter shows perhaps that LL have finally recognised how important to SL’s continuation Firestorm is.

I know many find FS too “heavy” for their computers and there is no doubt that it needs a fair bit more processing power and bandwidth than some other TPVs. For me it is fine and while my PC certainly “notices” Firestorm, it runs well. This version is much better than any of the past two or three iterations, its FPS is 20-30% better and seems to rez mesh better for me also.

I won’t review the viewer here, others are far better at it than me, perhaps most notably Inara Pey, on her “Living in the Modem World” blog : https://modemworld.me/2016/12/14/firestorm-5-0-bento-vob-vlc-and-more/ . Those interested should read there.

For my part I’ll simply say that while RLVa is STILL not quite on a par with Marine Kelley’s “true” RLV, FS 5.0.1 is as up to date with the default Linden Viewer as can be, and I heartily recommend it.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 15, 2016.

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