Same old same old…

SL Ponyplay is being riven by another bout of intolerance, rudeness and just plain bad manners. Several experienced individuals have made rational comments inworld and some with RL experience of Ponyplay have also commented.
The bottom line yet again is that we are a diverse community but more importantly we are beginning to lose one of our most important attributes. Tolerance. If we lose that, we lose everything that is worthwhile in this type of community. Most in SL Ponyplay are in SL because for whatever reason, and they are legion, they cannot practice RL ponyplay as they would wish to.

There is also the D/s aspect of Ponyplay, and that appears to have been utterly ignored by many. I have strong opinions on this but I do not feel it appropriate to either stand on a soapbox here and rant, nor do I intend to do it inworld. It is just not “right” and I will not do it. Others do not feel so constrained and it is for them to decide whether that is appropriate or even wise.
All I will say is that most of the comment I have heard is almost guaranteed to harm SL Ponyplay and remove from many of us something that we hold dear and that saddens me immensely.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on December 19, 2016.

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