Good Grief(ing)

Though there was nothing good about it, in fact. On Friday December 30th, the Wirtz sim received a serious object griefing which was, in the end, neutralised without any assistance from Linden Lab, who were on holiday.

A griefer, whose name is known now to both us at Wirtz and to Linden Support and eventually to Linden’s Abuse reporting operation, saturated the sim with objects to the extent that the sim very nearly crashed. In attempting to deal with the issue my partner and I both suffered corruption of our AOs and for several days had TP issues into and out of Wirtz.

Unfortunately due to today’s (Wednesday’s) restart SNAFU the server was not restarted, which we seriously needed. As a result Wirtz is still dreadfully laggy and some folks are still having issues TPing out of the sim. Since myself and my partner suffered significant harm to our avatars dealing with the issue, Linden Lab’s offhand and extremely slow response to our contacts has irritated me to the point of writing this post.

We all know that various malicious and mindlessly vandalising forms of griefing have existed for as long as SL has, I simply lament that there are folk “out there” whose way of getting fun is to spoil that of others. Last night my partner and I went to a funfair and had our evenings ruined by a moron with a gun of some sort which “killed” us and sent us back home (twice) since the sim was damage-enabled for some of the sideshows functions. It is just unfortunate that these idiots can continue their negative actions while LL fiddles like Nero.

And a Happy New Humbug to you all.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 5, 2017.

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