Good Grief….yet again!!

The Streetwhores parcel on Wirtz sim was attacked yet again today. This time the griefer employed some new form of graphics loader that brought the sim to its knees again and crashed me twice. It would seem that griefers have already found a way around the new avatar complexity routines that were designed specifically to stop the use of conventional graphics crashers. It did not take the griefers long to find a new way to wreak havoc upon those with whom they disagree or just like to pick on.

The sim survived and the miscreants, almost certainly using hacked accounts, are banned and ARed for all the good it’ll do. New security measures are being worked out, so there will most likely be some lively debate about “script and complexity Nazis” until the sensible control limits are arrived at.

The trouble is that since Streetwhores raised its profile and its traffic, it has become a target for ne’er do well griefers. The price of success?

PS: For the curious, I am just an officer there. I do NOT offer services to those of an animalistic bent.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on January 26, 2017.

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