Head in the Clouds?

There is a new discipline out for the ponyfolk. At Darkwing’s home sim Devon Dream, Miss Safra Nitely has created “Cloud Hopping”. The nearest equivalent would be a sort of aerial 3D steeplechase, but it is much more than that. You jump from cloud to cloud while the thunder crashes around you. Spend too long on the cloud and it starts to rain, and as it rains the cloud becomes phantom and you fall through it to the ground!
So, deftly you jump from cloud to cloud (there are currently 27) but beware! If you make a “hard landing” as you jump down (and you DO have to jump most times), you’ll spend too long on the cloud and …whoops! you fall. It is hard…it was intentionally made that way and I am still only just capable of completing the course about 2 out of 5 runs but it is a great design and worth a try. No cheating, mind…no Quickjump!

I don’t think it is signposted on the sky platforms yet, but if you find the Ponyball stadium you should see the new path to the course. I’ll try to post some photos soon, but at present that would be a tad difficult, since I am not…how to put it… able to see it at the moment.

For now I’ll just encourage you to trot along to Devon and have a look, it’s worth a tour for the design alone, and bear in mind that Devon is the home of Jo Gallindo’s Toybox Steeple as well.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 15, 2017.

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