Equine Etiquette in SL…an Outmoded Concept?

Today and not for the first time in recent weeks, we have a passionate debate in SL Ponyplay. The problem is that some folk simply cannot manage to argue in a civilised manner.
Surely most folk that partake in SL ponyplay recognise the D/s roots of this roleplaying? Anyone with a sniff of experience of Ponyplay in RL would instantly know this.

Concomitant with that would be, I posit, an understanding that politeness at the very least and to some degree deference to figures in authority or with some seniority is required. Maybe I am just old-fashioned in expecting this, I don’t know. Also a principal property of our roleplay in SL is a tolerance of others’ views.

Both of these qualities seem to be singularly lacking in SL Ponyplay at the moment. This may be a result of the situation that no-one with the experience of both Ponyplay and roleplay and the determination to set and require adherence to standards is available to SL at the moment. It may also be due to the view, which seems to be gaining credence, that roleplay, and by association ponyplay, is what the individual wants it to be. A “free-for-all” situation simply will never work.

Today the upshot is that when differing sets of standards are required by an event organiser, a rancorous debate ensues as to whether that individual is correct or even worthy of recognition.
The comments that I have seen in SL today are often passionate but rarely considered. Some individuals seem to revel in goading others until they make intemperate remarks and then pillorying them for doing so.

Whether the specifics involved are right or wrong is not my point. My point is that we should be capable of debating this matter in a civilised and tolerant manner. My impression today, as it has been several times in the recent past, is that many cannot.

At the risk of seeming petulant, my cry is “For Goodness’ Sake take a deep breath and think before you speak out and if you must, do it politely!”

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on February 23, 2017.

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