There is a Tide in the Affairs of…Ponies

After more than four years fully Ponied, there has been a change. Not in Pony herself in fact, but more an addition! After over 9 years in SL without such a thing I have created, with the encouragement of my partner and Domina, an Alt. If we meet it will be immediately obvious, assuming you either perve profiles or can see Display names. It does mean that we can go sailing and to trance dances together more without any “raised eyebrows” or untoward reactions.

From my point of view it means a break from the seemingly increasingly drama- and cheating-ridden world of SL Ponyplay. I have become increasingly disenchanted with some aspects of SL Ponyplay although that might be simply my familiarity with the world showing. Two of the best Ponyplay sims in SL seem to get minimal traffic, one being Devon Dream, home to Miss Safra Nitely and the Darkwing family and the other perhaps less so, The Enchanting sim, run in a large part by the tireless and ever-inventive Pricilla Slade and Susi Dollinger. But maybe I am biased! Thankfully my other favourite, Fabulous Pony Ranch at Hamilton Lake, does get reasonable traffic, especially since it is a modest Homestead sim. Pony has not ceased to exist but she will not be around as much.

So what does my new Alt do? The usual, ie sailing, shopping and dancing, like most of SL! More will come but this is early days and I have not yet overcome the split-personality effect, nor the reflex reaction to stomp once as an affirmative answer! My devotion to my Partner and the D/s life is as strong as ever and while it is not as obvious, I still use RLV(a).

One of the many influences on me to make this change was the unfortunate illness of Elicio Ember’s father and the serious urgency to collectively support this brilliant Mexican artist and SL content-creator (the sim Cerridwen’s Cauldron is his handiwork)  I have sung its praises elsewhere on the blog in the past.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 7, 2017.

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