Cache Confusion…and corruption…a problem revealed.

Following extensive testing in conjunction with Whirly Fizzle, the FS Support JIRA queen, it now seems that not only does Marine Kelley’s RLV share the cache location with the Default Linden SLV, it also shares its settings files.

This wasn’t a problem when RLV was created back in 2007, but it is a serious issue now that SLV uses the Kakadu KDU decoder and RLV uses the Open JPG decoder. As I was informed by Whirly such cache sharing by two very different decoders can result in texture corruption. I can confirm that it does indeed do that. I am not sure that sharing settings files is AS serious a shortcoming but I intend to contact Marine inworld as soon as possible about the matter.

I suspect that this will be of concern to a good many people.

ETA at 19:45hr BST: I have sent a notecard to Marine in SL about this. I await her response.
FETA at 00:30hr BST May 23rd: Marine is aware of the issue and fully accepts that the cache and settings folders are shared, she does not consider this a problem apparently.

PS FETA is Further Edit To Add, not cheese.

EFETA at 20:00hr BST May 23rd: I heard via Whirly that Oz Linden will be contacting Marine about this, it seems that LL are not happy that this might affect anyone using both RLV and SLV. (What HAVE I started?)

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 22, 2017.

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