RLV. A clarification

Today, in SL Marine Kelley clarified the turn of events that led to her RLV cache-sharing with the SecondLife viewer, or rather why it had not, until now been modified so as not to do that.
I hope Marine will be content that I quote her in these words:
“It’s not that I did not consider it a problem, it is that I wasn’t even aware of it. I never ever use any other viewer than the RLV, so I never noticed that cache sharing problem. I wasn’t aware that it bothered LL either, but I did get an email from Oz about it, which made me look into it more deeply. Had I known it was such an issue, I would have fixed that years ago.”

Those are the words of a responsible and reactive SecondLife builder and creator and from them it is crystal clear that there was never any intention of flaunting the rules firmly laid down in the Third Party Viewer policy; that nothing should affect the shared experience of users in SecondLife.

In the end we now have an RLV that does what it should and frankly does it well. Marine has been a major part of SL for over ten years and I for one hope she will be so for many years to come.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 29, 2017.

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