Rolling Restarts – or “There and Back Again”

with apologies to Dr JRR Tolkein.

Until recently “rubber-banding” was reserved for avatars and vehicles in SL. Now in a new venture Linden Lab have brought “rubber banding” to server software. For the second week running the Release Candidate channels have been rolled on a Wednesday and then rolled back to the tested Main Server software with a few hours.

Apparently the software rolled to the RCs had a “slow crasher” BUG. But on neither occasion was any explanation given on the Server Release thread, indeed there was no official recognition of the matter on that thread at all.
To quote the President of the United States of America, “sad”.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on July 27, 2017.

3 Responses to “Rolling Restarts – or “There and Back Again””

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  2. Sailing in SL was never better until you hit a region that is down for whatever reason. But the only way to ensure safe cross sims is to do at least a weekly restart of all the regions, that is already being shown essential to those who fly or sail. So honestly i know restarts are a pain but they also proved to be fundamental to enjoying good crossing sims.
    Still when they do rollovers, supposedly to fix bugs that didn’t result and they have to do them again, i guess they will explain what cause the problems on the weekly meeting with devs and whatever. Perhaps they should also think of putting some on their website.

    • You are quite right ZZ. I was not complaining about the frequency of restarts, though LL only give us fortnightly ones routinely now…it was the fact that Wirtz has oscillated between the RC software and the Main Server version twice in as many weeks, and nary a word from them either in featured news on their Blog or the actual restart forum thread.

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