New RLV 64-bit and Revised and much-improved Restrained Elegance

Marine Kelley has released a 64-bit version of the RLV (coded as following the release of Linden Lab’s own 64 bit viewer. This is a long time after 64 bit offerings have been available for many TPVs, I have been using the FS 64-bit for (it seems like) years.
Unfortunately while there have been several small bugfixes, there is nothing outstanding in this latest offering. That, to be honest, is not a reflection on Marine, it simply reflects the underwhelming offering from Linden Lab upon which the RLV is based.
While Firestorm and Catznip’s RLVa still lacks the vision-spheres of “true” RLV, with the improvements to the mouselook functionality in Marine’s latest v1.30 Restrained Elegance cuffs ( ie it uses the HUD as it should in FS), and if you are brave and use Virtualdisgrace’s Premium Blindfold, you are not far short of full functionality again. The revised RE cuffs are very much worthwhile the update. The cuffs and collar are now mesh objects and support materials functionality in their customisation options. Also there are other neat tricks that you really need to find out for yourself!
All in all while the 64-bit RLV is nothing to shout about, it is Linden Lab that need to produce a decent 64-bit viewer. How they can forshame offer such a clunky UI and poor VRAM support so long after other TPVs have been producing vastly superior offerings I do NOT understand. I have tested it and it is really awful!
That’s all I have time for now, keep having fun in SL for as long as it survives.

PS I should add that I still find that I have to fight to let a download from erestaint (where the RLV is available) through my firewall, I really wish that site’s webmaster would sort their certification out.

~ by Ayesha Askham-Ezvalt on May 22, 2018.

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